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The company Lokas for more than 10 years has been selling ingredients for the food and other industries. Throughout the life of the company, we are among the leaders in the supply of food additives. All products are delivered directly from manufacturers, so there can be no doubt as to the quality of the product. All goods are certified and meet the standards for sale in Russia and CIS countries. Such cooperation makes it possible to provide our customers with technological support.
The company Lokas is an intermediary in the supply of food ingredients for any food or raw materials. Our customers get an opportunity to increase the market segment, expand production, improve product characteristics and reduce production costs. All offered goods undergo a thorough quality control. Highly qualified engineers-technologists check the goods, according to all systems of certification of products. The presence of such personnel allowed us to develop unique technologies for the production of food products. Experienced managers organize foreign purchases of goods for which intermediaries are not required. This gives our customers the opportunity to receive timely, original, quality products.
The peculiarity of Lokas is that we have available own line of functional mixes production. Our mixtures are used in the food industry from dairy to meat products. It is also possible to use in the cosmetic and technical industries.
The line of functional mixtures of the company Lokas competed with foreign products. The additive is not inferior in quality and functionality can act and wider as our mixtures are more adapted for the Russian food than the foreign analogues.
The company Lokas is in good relations with foreign producers. Relations with companies have been established by manufacturers from Germany, France, China, India, Indonesia and other countries. It is the established ties and good partnership relations that allow us to provide the services of selling food ingredients as safely and effectively as possible. Each product has factory designations, which indicate originality, and therefore - quality.
Partners of the company Lokas have developed infrastructure, innovative production technologies and quality raw materials. This allows us to focus only on the client. The goal of satisfying the needs of buyers is achieved thanks to the consistently high quality of the goods, a well-established supply chain and a competitive price that is somewhat lower than similar companies in the CIS.
The company Lokas pays much attention to the quality of the goods supplied. Our specialists check the certificates of ingredients without fail. Compliance with all standards - a mandatory item for the receipt of goods on the shelves of the store. Each batch is tested by our technologists. The conditions of production and logistics meet all requirements. Delivery of goods is insured and carried out only by reliable logistics companies. Storage conditions in our warehouses allow preserving the quality of the goods. The state of the ingredients is controlled to avoid the sale of substandard additives.
The company Lokas has a goal to ensure to itself and its customers a stable development in the market of Russia and CIS countries. A friendly approach to all customers allows you to get established relationships for overall growth. Therefore, we invite to cooperation all those who need quality ingredients for the food industry.